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Business Services

A regular part of my day-to-day activity involves providing services & solutions to
many types of other businesses. On any given day I can receive a request to drop
off parcels for a courier company or drive to another City to pick up unique or unusual
items for a media company. It goes without saying that pricing for this kind of activity
is very much dependent on what is required and when!

Having a van of the type I do, enables me to offer a wide variety of services to your
business which you may soon come to view as a valuable commodity. The expense of
running a van of your own simply may not be an option and having the solution to
an infrequent, but nontheless urgent, situation just a phone call away, could be the
best answer all around!

I welcome all enquiries and hope that I may have the opportunity to speak with you
in the very near future.

Please note that I do now have a Waste Carriers License. Further information about this
(and your obligations) can be found on the Environment Website. (Please Click)

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