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Do I Get A Student Discount?

Indeed you do and pricing is very straightforward:

My normal price is £45.00 but since the likelihood is very high that you'll be travelling light, then
my 22.5% Student Discount means that you only pay £35.00!!

Please bear in mind that this is £35.00 per student. Even if there are a few of you moving into the same house.
It is also for a simple A to B, Ground Floor to Ground Floor move. (Nearest Points)
No further discounts are available.

Also, you will need to make your own way to the destination address as I am unable to carry passengers.

Call today or MAIL ME to get your move date firmly booked in good time!

...and please bear in mind that this price/discount applies ONLY to moves
within the Student residential areas of Leeds/close proximity. ***


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